ASEAN Studies Center and Center for International Linkages


A student body fully aware, competent, and engaged on the ASEAN arena.


To serve as a knowledge hub on ASEAN matters that supports the creation and development of in-depth knowledge about the region and its people.


  • Serve as a knowledge hub for ASEAN-related matters through its well-equipped research facility, collections of books, magazines, journals, and audio and video materials
  • Support the creation and development of in-depth knowledge about ASEAN by creating a pool of ASEAN experts in the region to discuss and share their expertise to the public through various platforms like forums, public lectures, conferences, and media.
  • Create linkages, both at the national and regional level, to support people-to-people relationships amongst the citizens of ASEAN through student mobility programs, faculty exchanges, and study-visit programs.
  • Promote knowledge about ASEAN to the general public at the national, regional, and international level through its Eagle Broadcasting Corporation- produced episodes of ASEAN related programs both on TV and radio, as well as in the ASEAN sections in its website.