NEU Pampanga 23rd-Founding-Year Activities

In line with its 23d Founding Anniversary, New Era University-Pampanga Branch conducted tree planting activity. The whole morning of June 22 was earmarked for the tree planting activity participated by Faculty, Staff, Ministers, and Ministers wives.

Some 65 fruit bearing tree seedlings were planted within the NEU Pampanga Campus.

ABOVE: Sis. Brenda Ubaldo, wife of Pampanga West Dist Minister Bro. Bedan, plants her choice of fruit bearing tree.
BELOW: Sister Edna Domingo, wife of NEU Pampanga Director Bro. Albert, does her part in the activity.



By: Charlene F. Del Rosario

New Era University continues its relentless efforts to achieve its vision of becoming a world-class institution of learning.  Pampanga campus does its share as it launches various activities that will help the University realize the said aspiration.

On the third day of its week-long celebration on June 21, commemorating its 23rd Founding Anniversary from June 19-23, 2017, NEU-Pampanga held two (2) important events:

1.  The inauguration of its Accreditation Hall and other 3 Offices, and

2. The holding of Consultation Visit of the Association of Christian Schools, Colleges, and Universities Accrediting Agency (ACSCU-AA) as its initial step toward voluntary accreditation of its academic program offerings.

Dr. Nilo L. Rosas, the NEU President along with other school officials, and Bro. Bedan L. Ubaldo, Pampanga West’s District Minister, and the Assistant District Minister Bro. Eric Chulvo graced the said occasion.

In the opening program for the whole day activity, the annual awarding of faculty achievers from the Elementary and High School departments was held.

Dr. Rosas, together with Bro. Ubaldo, and Dr. Alberto R. Domingo, Jr., School Director of NEU-Pampanga, recognized the efforts of the teachers in the Faculty Observation held from June 2016-March 2017. The awardees of Certificates of Merits were  10 faculty members from the Elementary Department and another 10 faculty members from the High School Department. The Elementary faculty awardees are as follows (arranged from 1st to 10th places): Tr. Ma. Jessica P. Guiao, Tr. Tenny I. Borja, Tr. Nancy L. Mesina, Tr. Beth L. Dela Cruz, Tr. Normita S. Manacio, Tr. Alea D, Basilio, Tr. Janette P. Garon, Tr. Yvonne Lingat, Tr. Rialyn G. Tungol, and Tr. Jamie L. Madla. Awardees from the High School Department included (1st-10th places): Tr. Maritel M. Del Mundo, Tr. Michelle V. Fernandez, Tr. Abegail C. Pineda, Tr. Cecille Q. Sangalang, Tr. Lyn G. Layug, Tr. Charlene F. Del Rosario, Tr. Merla G. Molina, Tr. Jennilyn L. Calaguas, Tr. Jocelyn Y. Castro, and Tr. Maritess R. Dela Cruz.

The NEU President inspired the teachers as he acknowledged the sacrifices of every mentor in the slide presentations he dedicated for them. In his speech, he emphasized the achievements of NEU and all its 3 branches with NEU Pampanga always doing the trailblazing role thru its innovations and creativity in implementing its various undertakings.

After the program, the newest school facilities were officially inaugurated and the Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony was led by Dr. Rosas, Bro. Ubaldo, and Dr. Angelito P. Pedreño, Executive Director of ACSCU AA, together with Bro. Chulvo, and Dr. Domingo.

Sumptuous lunch followed and served at the TLE Skills and Livelihood Hub . It could be recalled that this facility was also inaugurated last year by Dr. Rosas and Bro. Ubaldo.

The third part of the day’s activity was the Consultation Visit of ACSCU AA to NEU-Pampanga. The visit aimed at guiding the school in the accreditation process.

The next part was the orientation of the faculty on Accreditation with Dr. Pedreño, together with Dr. Mercedes R. Esmade, Director of NEU-Center for Quality Assurance and Accreditation.  The teachers were truly enlightened and emerged enthusiastic after the enjoyable lecture of the ACSCU AA Executive Director.

The NEU President delivered an inspiring speech coupled with inspirational video presentations dedicated to the faculty members to recognize their sacrifices.

Dr. ANGELITO PEDREÑO presents his lecture during the Consultation proper w/slide presentations to orient & enlighten the faculty &  administrators of NEU PAMP about the Accreditation process.

College of Law Milestones 2017

The College of Law celebrated two milestones on June 12, 2017, to wit:

  • The candidates for the Bachelor of Laws degree Batch 2017 of NEU received their respective diplomas and awards.
  • Second, the 2017 new lawyers from the College of Law were honored and awarded Certificate of Merit for having successfully passed the 2016 Bar Examinations of the Supreme Court of the Philippines.

The Philippine Independence Day 2017

One of the most significant dates in the Philippine’s history is June 12, 1898. It celebrates the nation’s independence from decades of Spanish rule. Philippine independence was formally proclaimed on June 12, 1898 with the reading of the Proclamation of Independence in Kawit, Cavite. The Proclamation was prepared and read by Ambrosio Rianzares Bautista and was signed by 98 delegates, including General Emilio Aguinaldo.

This year’s theme is “Kalayaan 2017: Pagbabagong Sama-Samang Balikatin.”



The annual LINIS ESKWELA of NEU PAMPANGA was again successfully held on June 9, 2017, from  8 AM to 2 PM, three (3) days prior to the opening of classes for the SY 2017-2018.

What makes this campus clean up activity special and has become a traditional part of NEU Pampanga’s preparation for the onset of another school year is that other active stakeholders of the school partake like the PTCA officers & SCAN members. For the second year in a row ministers’ wives numbering about 30 did their part in the activity led by Sis. Brenda Ubaldo – wife of Bro. Bedan Ubaldo (Dist. Minister – Pampanga West). Their group beefed up the involvement of 14 NEU Pampanga-based ministers’ wives. A total of 96 participants majority coming from the workforce of the NEU Pampanga Branch joined this year’s LINIS ESKWELA 2017 which is now in its 5th year since it was started to be held back in June of 2013.

The lead department for the campus clean-up drive is the Building Administration department lead by Bro. Elmer Mujar. He laid down the campus map and explained the deployment of participants grouped into eight (8) teams enough to cover the 6-hectare campus grounds. Each area assignment has a Minister overseer and paired with a couple of Support personnel. Everyone responded to the instruction to bring their respective cleaning materials and tools needed for their work.

Before the teams finally proceeded to their area assignments, the Branch Director Dr. Alberto R. Domingo, Jr. emphasized the “Safety First” principle before everyone buckled down to work. He then issued the instruction that by 11:15 AM everyone must ceased in their clean up tasks and return back to the covered court for the sumptuous boodle fight style lunch prepared by the branch administration for everyone. Every participant enjoyed the exciting and delicious meal as could be gleaned in the pictures taken during the activities.

The activity not only achieved its primal intent to prepare the campus grounds and school facilities for the returning pupils and students this coming Tuesday-June 13 as the 1st school day of SY 2017-18, but also promoted camaraderie among school personnel and above all edified each other as we fulfilled the love of brotherhood that should exist between workers in the University. ALL FOR THE GREATER GLORY OF THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY.




By: Charlene F. Del Rosario

The 2nd day of June 2017, marked another monumental success for the NEU Center for Culture and the Arts (NEU CCA) as the visiting NEU-Rondalla held their 2nd Outreach Concert activity at NEU-Pampanga Branch. The whole-day affair provided inspiration for the young aspirants and future Rondalla members of the host NEU branch to hone their skills more in the playing of stringed instruments. Supportive parents of the mostly elementary pupils of NEU Pampanga saw how their kids enjoyed the various activities held. Everyone is entertained and felt elated.

The NCCA Rondalla Outreach Concert was led by 45 Elementary pupils from the Main Campus who were accompanied by their Minister-Overseer, Bro. Mar Villaflor, their trainor, Bro. Lino Mangandi, and three other faculty members and staff. Also included in the entourage of the visitors are approximately 15 parents, mostly Ministers’ wives from the Main Campus, who supported their kids in their performances during their concerts last time in NEU Lipa City Branch, and now at NEU-Pampanga.

The NEU Pampanga branch, on the other hand, was represented by 50 students from the Elementary and High School departments. They were also assisted by their parents and faculty-advisers.

Right after the opening program, the Kapampangan Erans were given time to practice for their participation in the concert which was held later in the afternoon. The trainors and the Rondalla members worked hand-in-hand in teaching their Kapampangan counterparts the basics of using the various stringed instruments.

One of the highlights of the said occasion was the formal turn-over of thirty (30) guitars and three (3) other musical instruments for the use of the NEU-Pampanga Rondalla group to be trained by Tr. Lulu Calaguas who also handles the Drum and Lyre Band of the branch. She will be assisted by Teachers Tenny I. Borja and Monette P. David in the training activities.