NEU-CMAHS Executive Director pays tribute to the Grand Dame of Philippine Pediatrics

Dr. Genesis Rivera, the Executive Director of the Center for Medical and Allied Health Sciences of the New Era University, delivered a lecture at the Fe del Mundo Medical Center (formerly Children’s Medical Center, Philippines) on November 27, 2016. His lecture entitled, “Scientist and Humanist: Educating a Humane Physician,” is a tribute to Dr. Fe del Mundo, who is considered the Grand Dame of the Philippine Pediatrics, having dedicated her life in various programs that promote health and general well-being of children and mothers.

The occasion marked the 105th birth anniversary of Dr. del Mundo who passed away in 2011 at the age of 99, and the 59th founding anniversary of the hospital which was named after her. In his lecture, Dr. Rivera underscored the importance of compassion and being humane, as among the highest qualities of a physician. Notwithstanding the technological advancement in the field of medicine, doctors should not sacrifice the human side of medical practice, Dr. Rivera underscored. Along this line, Dr. Rivera shared with his fellow doctors the program offered by the NEU College of Medicine – the inclusion of medicine and the arts (visual arts, music, film, drama, poetry, literature), and studies of the lives and writings of humane physicians, among others.
The CMAHS Executive Director was a former student of Dr. del Mundo and had served as Head of Training and Research, and Head of the Poison Center of the Dr. del Mundo Medical Center.