By: Charlene F. Del Rosario

The 2nd day of June 2017, marked another monumental success for the NEU Center for Culture and the Arts (NEU CCA) as the visiting NEU-Rondalla held their 2nd Outreach Concert activity at NEU-Pampanga Branch. The whole-day affair provided inspiration for the young aspirants and future Rondalla members of the host NEU branch to hone their skills more in the playing of stringed instruments. Supportive parents of the mostly elementary pupils of NEU Pampanga saw how their kids enjoyed the various activities held. Everyone is entertained and felt elated.

The NCCA Rondalla Outreach Concert was led by 45 Elementary pupils from the Main Campus who were accompanied by their Minister-Overseer, Bro. Mar Villaflor, their trainor, Bro. Lino Mangandi, and three other faculty members and staff. Also included in the entourage of the visitors are approximately 15 parents, mostly Ministers’ wives from the Main Campus, who supported their kids in their performances during their concerts last time in NEU Lipa City Branch, and now at NEU-Pampanga.

The NEU Pampanga branch, on the other hand, was represented by 50 students from the Elementary and High School departments. They were also assisted by their parents and faculty-advisers.

Right after the opening program, the Kapampangan Erans were given time to practice for their participation in the concert which was held later in the afternoon. The trainors and the Rondalla members worked hand-in-hand in teaching their Kapampangan counterparts the basics of using the various stringed instruments.

One of the highlights of the said occasion was the formal turn-over of thirty (30) guitars and three (3) other musical instruments for the use of the NEU-Pampanga Rondalla group to be trained by Tr. Lulu Calaguas who also handles the Drum and Lyre Band of the branch. She will be assisted by Teachers Tenny I. Borja and Monette P. David in the training activities.