The University Research Council

The University Research Council (URC) is the overall and highest policy-making body on matters of R & D endeavors in the University. It is also the technical panel on the evaluation of R & D proposals and projects for institutional recognition and financial grants.

The URC is composed of the following school officials:

  • The University President (as Chairman)
  • The University Vice-President
  • The Director of the Center for Research, Evaluation and Development (CReED)
  • An ex-officio member (a member of the URC by virtue of holding another office)

A technical specialist may be invited if the nature and boundaries of the topic are beyond that of the collective expertise of the regular members of the Council. In addition, academic and administrative department heads may be invited from time to time to sit as members of the technical panel to evaluate the merits of a proposal or project. The School Auditor sits as a member of the panel in the deliberations for dispensing research grants for funding, honoraria, and other financial incentives.