Welcome to the New Era University College of Music! Established in 2011, the College of Music offers a dynamic program of the musical arts that gives students a rare and wonderful opportunity to fulfill their potential as budding musicians and artists of tomorrow.

Buoyed by an accomplished and caring faculty consisting of seasoned performers and instructors, national artists, and award-winning musicians, the College of Music student is guided through a journey which has as its intended consequence self-fulfillment and a profound understanding of mankind’s greatest and most mysterious art. From music history to thoughtful analysis, rigorous training, and public discourse and, of course, real-world performance, and students are given ample opportunity to explore nascent and developing skills and are encouraged at every turn to advance their art and expressive capacity. Wherever their path may lead, they are equipped to make a difference in the world of music.

The student body is typically diverse and vibrant, brimming with optimism. Along with a faculty and staff ready to serve and cater to the needs of all who pass through the doors of this institution, they form a formidable and dynamic community. As such they readily engage in one of four Bachelor Degree programs: Piano, Voice, Music Education, and Choral Conducting.

At the heart of this vibrant institution are the shared values that we uphold, and the tenacity to uphold such convictions in a turbulent and ever-changing world.

Interaction between student and instructor is key, and the college boasts a favorable student – teacher ratio, enhancing the exchange of ideas and sound development of character. It encourages students to define practical problems of performance and analysis, and create workable solutions.

Students pursue their aspirations and study in excellent musical facilities (including a newly constructed recital hall, a state of the art library, and fully air – conditioned and equipped lecture and practice rooms) – which serve as conduits to fire the imagination and promote musical reflection.

We warmly invite you to visit our campus. In the meantime, we hope this website adequately serves as a portal and provides a glimpse into the College of Music, its impact on the community, and its activities. Either way, we welcome you!


Rod Ramos
Dean, College of Music