The New Era University College of Medicine opens its doors to aspiring physicians at an auspicious beginning. Not only it rolls out the welcome at a time when interconnectivity becomes the norm of the 21st century but also its birth coincides with the Centennial Celebration of the Church of Christ (Iglesia Ni Cristo).

These twin events will be our beacon in the pursuit of our goal of giving our students a well-rounded academic training in tune with the times and anchored on the bed-rock of Christian teachings. This vision will be realized through world-class facilities and topnotch faculty and borderless access to information, principally by our library’s subscribing to Clinical Key.

What this all means is preparing our students to meet and address the challenges of the future in the field of medicine and health services in an interdependent world. The new millennium provides us the opportunity to learn from each other and transform education to strengthen the global health systems. Thus, we aim at transcending the self-limiting curriculum and instructional method to the results-oriented transformative learning system which develops leadership attributes in the mold of Christian values among aspiring physicians.