Under the leadership of Board of Trustees Chair Atty. Dorothy Kristine Manalo-Orosa, University President Dr. Nilo L. Rosas, Center for Medical and Allied Health Sciences Director Genesis C. Rivera, MD, and College of Medicine Dean Teresita Tavu-Estabillo, MD, the New Era University College of Medicine was given government permit to operate a Doctor of Medicine program on May 14, 2014, coinciding with the year of Centennial Celebration of the Iglesia ni Cristo. Resolved to uphold a high-quality medical education anchored on Christian values, the NEU College of Medicine continues to upgrade it’s curriculum, recruit seasoned faculty members and train existing faculty members, expose students to periodic large-scale Lingap sa Mamamayan and small-scale community health programs, and procure facilities needed for simulation of clinical setting, basic medical laboratories, and research.


The New Era University College of Medicine adheres to the University’s Philosophy: Godliness is the foundation of knowledge.


The NEU College of Medicine envisions itself as a premier institution of medical learning providing a unique Christian culture of excellence, discipline, compassion, empathy and service to humanity.


In the pursuit of our vision, the NEU- College of Medicine commit ourselves to provide the highest quality medical education anchored on Christian values with the prime purpose of bringing honor and glory to GOD.


  1. To lay down a solid foundation of the fundamental concepts of Medicine among students by promoting mastery in every level of learning
  2. To develop among students critical thinking and problem-solving skills that will assist them in clinical decision-making
  3. To inculcate among students and faculty the importance of continuous and self-motivated life-long learning by research and continuing education
  4. To maintain an atmosphere of academic and professional excellence in the field of Medicine
  5. To continuously upgrade, update and refine the teaching syllabi, materials and resources in accord to the rapid growth of knowledge in Medicine
  6. To contribute to the improvement of health status of chosen communities by doing community diagnoses and small-scale health programs
  7. To open avenues for discoveries, researches and challenges to current modes of medical treatment and prevention and thus contribute to the growth of Medical science itself
  8. To instill among the students the spirit of empathy, compassion, respect and humaneness in dealing with patients regardless of race, ethnicity, creed, belief, gender and social status
  9. To encourage the growth of every student, faculty and staff as a spiritual, intellectual, social and physical being
  10. To continuously grow and expand as an institution of learning and establish linkages among local and international medical communities and organizations
  11. To develop a spirit of empathy, love, teamwork and cooperation among faculty, staff and students by enjoining them in exposures to the underprivileged through periodic medical-surgical-dental missions and humanitarian aids